Pia - 15 - from Germany. Potterhead since 2007, always and until the very end.
Demigod and Tribute. Helenaist and proud part of the #RihannaNavy.
I ship Tilena (perfection) and Valvert - and go down with those ships. Obsessed with movies, Russell Crowe and everything 'Joko und Klaas'. Helena Bonham Carter is my rolemodel, Jo Rowling my Queen, Emma Watson my princess and stories the reason why i have a life worth living. Anything began under the stairs. It made me a crazy fangirl and i swear by the stars: I will die fangirling.

Harry Potter - Golden Snitch
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Dionysus: *pours a glass of wine*
Wine: *turns into water*
Dionysus: You know, the Christians have a guy that does this same trick but in reverse.
Dionysus: Now THERE'S a god.

"Two simple words were printed in the middle of the page: Brace Yourself."


"Two simple words were printed in the middle of the page: Brace Yourself."

Emma for the People magazine.
Emma for the People magazine.

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An A-Z of Fantastic Beasts - Hippogriff; M.O.M. Classification: XXX

The Hippogriff is native to Europe, though now found worldwide. It has the head of a giant eagle and the body of a horse. It can be tamed, though this should be attempted only by experts. Eye contact should be maintained when approaching a Hippogriff. Bowing shows good intentions. If the Hippogriff returns the greeting, it is safe to draw closer.
The Hippogriff burrows for insects but will also eat birds and small mammals. Breeding Hippogriffs build nests upon the ground into which they will lay a single large and fragile egg, which hatches within twenty-four hours. The fledgling Hippogriff should be ready to fly within a week, though it will be a matter of months before it is able to accompany its parents on longer journeys.

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why does the german version of this scene sound like fuckin high school musical?

Schoko & Haas - die Seite mit Joko und Klaas

"I can’t argue that Finnick isn’t one of the most stunning, sensuous people on the planet."

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Felix Felicis

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